Troy Chocolat
Ultimate Wai
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Gender Male
Age 16
Hometown Victoria City
Occupation Trainer
Starter Deino
Favorite Scruffy (Deino)
Party Scruffy (Deino ♂ Lv12), Mint (Petilil ♀ Lv11)
PC Box None
Badges None


Troy was born in Victoria City, with a daring archeologist/dragon tamer for a father and a world-class chef for a mother. When he was young, he disappoint his father for constantly refusing to take up Pokémon training, instead choosing to learn cuisine with his mother.

At his 16th birthday, his father gave him a Deino and forced him to train it, effectively kicking him out of home until he proved to be a great trainer.


Troy is shy and weak-kneed, and would rather learn how to cook fancy dishes than battle. He's also very negative, and often bemoans his fate. However, he loves his pokémon, often stopping whatever he's doing to tend to Scruffy's bruises when he gets hurt.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

He has a slight Oedipus complex, secretly resenting his father, even more now that he has been forced out of his home.

He admires the Centria Gym Leader Li Shan Fang, and aspires to be as distinguished as him one day. He also may or may not have a gay crush on him.

Troy actually dislikes battling, but is somewhat interested by the recently introduced Pokémon Contest business. He also has a dream of taking Scruffy and Mint to one of Unova's Pokémon Musicals.

Behaviours and HabitsEdit

Troy is a shy kid with low self-esteem and a rather sheltered upbringing. He's rather gullible, and a little naive on the ways the world works.


Scruffy, his Deino, is playful and a little mischievous. He has the habit of running towards Troy when he hears his voice, ending up with both of them hurt. He likes to play dumb and ignore Troy's commands.

Mint, his Petilil, switches back and forth from a sweet child to a spoiled little girl, having been raised in a highly exclusive Pokémon greenhouse in Victoria City. However, unlike Scruffy, she does obey Troy's commands.


Troy has short, combed black hair and brown eyes. He wears a black jacket and a red undershirt, along with a pair of black dress pants and black shoes when traveling.

When he stops by a city, he prefers to change into a more luxurious outfit. A white shirt, a necktie, a pair of black pants and black shoes.

Terms of UseEdit

Troy always introduces himself with his full-name, and is instantly made fun of because of his embarrassing last name. Always. Also Scruffy is a rascal.


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