Sophia Faulkner
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Gender Female
Age 27
Hometown Johto farm
Occupation Trainer/traveler
Starter Spearow
Favorite Araceli the Fearow
Party Araceli(Fearow), Jynx, Kangaskhan, Miltank
PC Box none
Badges None, never bothered with the league challenge


Sophia was born as the fourth child on a farm in Johto, and lived the average life of a family of farmers. When she came of age, she immediately was given numerous jobs that had to be done around the farm, accompanied by her mother and single sister. These involved milking and taking care of the many Miltank, cooking, laundry, etc. When she was about the age of 14, while working in the fields, she stumbled upon an injured Spearow, apparently exiled from its flock. She brought it in and her parents hesitantly let her take care of it and keep it. She named the Spearow "Araceli", meaning 'Altar of the sky'. As she grew up, life became easier, more money came through and they were able to buy a house in one of the nearby cities. And with that, this gave her time to train Araceli, and soon she became a powerful Fearow.

At the age of 18, she decided to go off on her own pokemon journey, to the see the world. As a goodbye gift, her parents gave her one of the Miltank from the farm. By visiting the Safari Zone, she caught her own Kangaskhan, the second most powerful pokemon on her team. Jynx was caught in Ice Cave. These 4 pokemon are her best friends and their bond can't grow any bigger.


Sophia is an extremely get-things-done person, tending to, for example, rush things which usually doesn't do the situation any good. On the first meeting, she can be rather unecessarily mean and sarcastic, but that usually fades when she gets to know you better. Though she's always willing to accept potential friendships, sexual relationships aren't exactly a 'must-have' to her, finding them to be 'distracting' and 'troublesome'. But that doesn't stop emotions, obviously, and she has a bit of trouble hiding it when that rare affection comes up.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

Is respectful to those around her(who deserve it, of course). She also feels that pokemon are to be as respected as humans are, and is absolutely hateful to people who abuse and put down their own pokemon.

Behaviours and HabitsEdit

She never eats at resteraunts, usually making the effort to cook her own food, having the experience.


WIP. She's black, though.

Terms of UseEdit

Use her for whatever you wish.

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