Shellbell Aquamarine
Artist unknown
Gender Female
Age 16
Hometown Unovan Island
Occupation Trainer
Starter Oshawott (Seastar)
Favorite Seastar
Party Oshawott, Whimsicott, Audino, Reuniclus
PC Box Axew, Panpour, Snivy, Joltik, Minccino
Badges 2


Lived her whole life with her mother on a little island just out of Unova, after her mother got work inland she sought out her own journey as a Pokemon Trainer/Chef. Though she is a very huge lover of food, she herself is infact a terrible cook a fact she seems almost completely oblivious too as she is always more than willing to offer her services as a cook, often to disastrous results. Upon entering Juniper's lab she fell in love with the small water type who seemed so out of place, reminding her of herself in this new land. Naming the Oshawott Seastar after the small seastar shaped clip she adorned it with she set off on her journey.


Happy go lucky girl, usually a positive person to be around however she has been known to pull the sulks when she doesn't get her own way. Can be rather arrogant.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

Very kind hearted and tries to help anyone in serious trouble, she isnt against picking on others little folly's however but she will always laughingly offer them a hand back up. Looks up to strong trainers, but has self doubts and usually gets quiet around those she admires.

Behavious and HabitatsEdit

Currently travelling across Unova with her small band of misfits, despite her dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master she is more often found near areas of water out for a swim. Is currently travelling with a fellow feamale trainer named Scri.


Curled cyan hair pulled into a pony tail and hidden under a hat, two bangs stick out either side of her face. Small blue top and Black short-shorts sit over her black and dark blue one piece bathing suit which she is always seen wearing. Owns a pair of thongs but is more often seen running around barefoot. Violet eyes and a childish smile light her face.


Oshawott, Audino, Whimsicott, Reuniclus

Terms of Use Edit

Private Character not for use without prior consent of its creator.

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Shellbell Scri
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