Max "Buzz" Bussle
Unknown artist
Gender Male
Age 35
Hometown  ?????
Occupation Bounty hunter
Starter Yanma
Favorite Yanmega
Party Yanmega, Yanmega, Tyranitar, Flygon, Scizor, Volcarona
PC Box N/A
Badges N/A


Max was an only child raised by his two parents who never seemed to have time for him, and he couldn't seem to get on with the other kids in school so he found himself very lonely as a child. However, one day he was wandering the forest around his house when he came upon a swarm of Yanma. He instantly fell in love with them, and them with him. The swarm became Max's friends and effectively raised him as he spent more time in the forest with them than he did at home, not that his parents minded.

At the age of 16, a forest fire started by a bully to spite Max tragically killed half of the swarm. In a fit of rage, he got his three favourite Yanma together and set out to exact vengeance on the bully. He trained for years, evolving all three Yanma into Yanmega and perfecting his own physical strength until he was ready. He found and confronted the man, eventually easily defeating him in a battle before shooting him dead.

With his goal achieved he went on to catch more Pokemon and train to be even better. In the following 10 years he gained a Pupitar, Trapinch and Scyther which he evolved fully as well as an Volcarona. His third Yanmega sacrificed itself to save him from a rampaging Raikou.

He has no interest in partaking in Gym Battles or the Pokemon League, and acts as a for-hire bounty hunter who people call on to either defeat or kill a certain person or Pokemon. He became known as Buzz due to his affinity for Yanma/Yanmega.


Buzz is dark and rarely shows affection. He is also very confident and often refuses to admit when he's wrong.

He is a shadow of a human being, but the perfect fighting machine.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

Buzz tends to be especially cold to people. He dislikes most human beings with a passion, but if one manages to win him over he can be a very valuable ally. He is more friendly towards Pokemon, especially Bug-types.


Buzz is rather pale and choses to shave his head completely, claiming hair only gets in the way. He is exactly 6' tall and has a very muscular physique whilst keeping lean and agile. Buzz tends to wear loose clothing. His most common look is a white shirt over a red t-shirt with black or blue jeans on. He has green goggles in the shape of the eyes of a Yanma which he wears when need be. On his belt he keeps his 6 Pokeballs, a Pokegear, a gun and a knife.


Appearance Species Gender Status Known Moves
469 Yanmega Male In Party Bug Buzz, Psychic, Air Cutter, Roost
469 Yanmega Female In Party U-Turn, Quick Attack, AncientPower, Night Slash
212 Scizor Male In Party Superpower, X-Scizzor, Bullet Punch, Swords Dance
248 Tyranitar Male In Party Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Earth Power, Dark Pulse
330 Flygon Male In Party Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide, Hone Claws
637 Volcarona Female In Party Flame Charge, Wild Charge, Heat Wave, Silver Wind

Terms of UseEdit

As long ask permission from me first (and I approve), you may use him.

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