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Gender Male
Age 14
Hometown Unknown, Tatsu
Occupation Ex-feral child
Starter Nincada
Favorite Ninjask
Party Ninjask, Heracross, Durant, Galvantula
PC Box None
Badges None



Pretty much unknown to him. He was born to a single mother who was about 16 at the time and didn’t want him. Since abortions don’t exist in the pokeworld, the only reasonable thing to do to an unwanted baby is to dump them somewhere. So he was dumped in the middle of [Tatsu's forest] to be forever alone.

However the bugs in the forest took pity on the young human babby, and thus he was raised as one of them. He was given fresh (sorta) clothes sewed by Sewaddle, and was raised by a Vespiquen, who was considered the leader of them all. He grew up surrounded by his bug friends and family, and for many years he believed he was…one of them. However, there came a time when he began to realize his differences. Slowly but surely, he started to understand that he was indeed, not a bug. On his 14th birthday, the Vespiqueen that raised him told him the truth. Leyf did not take it well.

Shortly thereafter that event, Leyf set out into the human world with a few members of his bug family, including his first and best friend, Ninjask. The elders of the forest tried to stop him, but he refused. And so, he set out on a journey to find himself and learn more about what’s outside the forest he’s been in his entire life.


Friendly to most people, but very hyperactive and twitchy. Like take the 4th gen rival and multiply him by 1000. He doesn’t know much about humans, however, so he can come across as a bit stupid and naïve. He’s trying to learn more about humans and their customs, so he’s very curious, sometimes to the point of being annoying.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

He still has only a basic grasp of human language, so he tends to stutter or use broken engrish when talking to people. He is, however, regarded as a poet comparable to Shakespeare when speaking in his native tongue (Bug.) Because of this, he tends to get along better with other Pokémon than humans. He has a very good relationship with his team.

Behaviours and HabitsEdit

He has occasional twitches. He has very good climbing abilities, and prefers to crawl up in a tree to take a nap rather than sleep at an Inn or Pokecenter. Due to his upbringing, he’s deathly afraid of bird Pokémon.


Hair is messy and uncombed, and a greenish brown color. He looks generally unkempt and due to his diet of mostly berries, somewhat frail and sickly. His clothes are just poor cloth knitted and sewed together by Sewaddle back in the forest. The bag he uses to carry his potions and pokeballs and shit is actually the shell of a Kakuna after it became a beedrill. It’s surprisingly durable.

Terms of UseEdit

Just contact Hexatron. Odds are I’ll let you use him.

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