Jay Toole
Jay toole
Sprite by ?????
Gender Male
Age 19
Hometown Celadon City
Occupation Filmmaker, Trainer
Starter Slowpoke
Favorite Slowking
Party Slowking, Cacnea, Spinda and Electrode
PC Box Farfetch'd, Grumpig, Wooper, Forretress, and Paras
Badges 13


At the age of 15, Jay left his hometown of Celadon City to document the life of a trainer through video. One after an other, he defeated the Kanto Gym Leaders with his trusty Slowpoke, until he had gotten them all. It was just him and his Slowpoke until he was just leaving Kanto after obtaining every badge. He saw an abandoned Voltorb in the middle of Vermillion City that he caught and raised. He then left Kanto on the S.S. Anne and heading to Hoenn. He had lost interest in training and wished to complete his film while staying with a friend in Mauville City. During his time in Hoenn, he caught a Spinda, Spoink, and Cacnea. Once his film was complete, he left Hoenn to continue training in Johto. He raised his Spoink until it evolved and was later sent to live with his Hoenn friend for the rest of his time in Johto. In Johto, Jay caught a Paras, Pineco (which later evolved into Forretress), and Wooper.


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