"Indiana" James
Tricycle Jim
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Gender Male
Age 23
Hometown  ?????
Occupation Adventurer, Trainer, Activist
Starter Rhyhorn
Favorite Fraxure
Party Rhydon, Fraxure, Tyranitar, Heracross
PC Box N/A
Badges 7


Jim was only a teenager when he came across a Rhyhorn stuck in a beartrap. After freeing it, he caught it with a apricorn pokeball he was delivering across the outback. He immediately headed for the nearest pokemon center, staying there all night due to dangerous wild pokemon that roam the wastelands. The nurse gave him back the pokemon without prior knowledge that he was not it's original trainer. Jim returned to his place of work, and was subsequently fired due to failure to deliver the pokeball. Out of a job with harsh standards in a harsh enviroment, Jim stared down at the pokeball holding the Rhyhorn coming to a revelation that he would go out and help pokemon around the world. He went and registered to be a pokemon trainer. His first challenge was to tame his Rhyhorn. It wouldn't be the last either, taking him four months to control the Rhyhorn gave him new insight on how brutal the world can be. He made his way to the closest city in the Tatsu region, Eureka City. He traversed the wastelands of the north, and made his way through the mountains that bordered the city to the east. Along the way encountering two other companions. Fraxure, she became his most trusted companion, getting out of trouble would of been impossible without her help. Tyranitar, aka Mr. Grumpy was an enraged beast. Jim happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Tyranitar knocked aside Rhydon and Fraxure as if they were mere cardboard cut outs. As a last resort, Jim threw a pokeball hoping to buy some time to get away before Tyranitar would break out. As fate would have it, Jim caught the thing, never to be released unless things got out of hand. Jim still needs an eighth badge to secure his hold over Tyranitar's rage, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. Jim's current destination is to make way for Gondolia, crushing anyone or anything that he deems harmful to wildlife. He has taking a liking to hunting down members of Team Chandra. Some might say he's a little too zealous once in a while.


Some say he's rough around the edges. But he's just stern and adamant.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

He views everyone as stupid, judging a book by it's cover first. He lives by the statement talk is cheap.

Behaviours and HabitsEdit

He travels by walking or by bus. Has a thing for fried chicken. Cares a lot for pokemon. Considers himself an activist (Has been known to get dangerous with his actions, it's a guy with a Rhydon, what could you not do?).


Wears glasses, khaki cargo pants, and a black jacket. (Image coming later.)

Terms of UseEdit

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