Huffman Drense
Sprited by TrainDozer
Gender Male
Age 32
Location Primavera Town
Occupation Town Sheriff
Starter Lotad
Favorite Ludicolo
Pokémon Ludicolo, Breloom, Roselia, Scyther

Huffman Drense is an NPC character and the sheriff of Primavera Town. He was created by TrainDozer.

Backstory Edit

Huffman was born and raised in Primavera Town. As a child he would go camping in the woods all the time and he always looked forward to summer camp each year. His father was a farmer and his mother a housewife. As he grew older, Huffman began to become more interested in Pokemon battling. It became sort of a hobby on the side of helping his father with the farm. In fact, on his 12th birthday, he was given his first Pokemon, a Lotad. He loved his family and his Pokemon more than anything.

One horrible autumn, however, while harvesting the crops, Huffman's happiness would dissipate. One of the Scizors used for harvesting went mad for some unexplained reason. Huffman's father got in the way of the creature and it was over for him. After his father's death, Huffman continued to work on the farm year after year. And he took care of his mother as she fell ill with lung cancer. After his mother passed, Huffman decided he should sell the farm. He then became the sheriff of Primavera Town.

Personality Edit

He is a generally unhappy person. He keeps his town under close watch and his deputies make sure nothing goes amiss while he is away.

Attitudes towards things and people Edit

He doesn't trust anyone aside from his deputies, who he also has trust issues with from time to time. The only Pokemon he trusts are his own.

Behaviors and Habits Edit

Because the crime rate is so low, he is often found sleeping in his office. He also loves to eat. He always has a serious look about him, never smiling.

Appearance Edit

He has short brown hair. He always wears his uniform of dark green pants, brown boots, and tan dress shirt. He wears a belt with his Pokeballs around his waist.

Pokemon Edit

Ludicolo "Pedro" : The fully evolved form of his first Pokemon, Lotad. They have been through a lot together and seen many things together. Ludicolo is Huffman's closest friend.

Breloom "Jamie" : Huffman's second Pokemon. He caught it while camping in his teen years, right before his father's death.

Roselia "Lucy" : Huffman found Roselia while looking for a wild Spearow that had been eating the crops on his family's farm. He never caught that Spearow, but he found a new friend instead.

Scyther "Marlo" : The offspring of the Scizor that killed Huffman's father. Scyther and Huffman had been friends before the death of his father, so Huffman could not get rid of him. While they are friends, whenever Huffman looks at Scyther, he is reminded of his father's death and of what terrible things Pokemon can do.

Terms of Use Edit

Everyone and anyone is free to use him in both canon and non-canon works, just make sure you keep him in character.