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Gender Male
Age 19
Hometown Jubilife City
Occupation Trainer
Starter Ralts
Favorite Gallade
Party Gallade, Hitmontop, Kabutops, Cacturne, Gengar, Gardevoir
PC Box None
Badges 8


Born in Jubilife city, Ed grew up in the city with all the comfort it provides. He recieved his first pokemon as an egg from his parents on his tenth birthday which soon hatched into a Ralts. After spending some more time in the local pokemon trainer-school Ed set out on a journey to conquer the pokemon league of Sinnoh. Although he managed to gather the eigth necessary badges to compete at higher levels Ed realized after the last gym battle that he was not ready yet for a challenge of that magnitude. He therefore decided to travel to the Tatsu region in order to train before taking another shot at the pokemon league.

Personality, Behaviours and HabitsEdit

A silent but kind man who is never hesitant to loudly express his opinions. And although he often does this in a overpowering way, he often means well and reverts to the being the usual odd silent dude as soon as his dramatic display is over. He often disregards his own well-being just in order to have fun and this has more than once have caused him trouble.

Ed is a talented musician and spends a lot of time refining his skills on various instruments. Although he is good at with his hands he is very bad at things which require physical strength and often relies on his pokemon to help him with such things. He is not a very good cook in general either but has a few dishes in his arsenal that ensures that he and his group can eat at least edible food everyday.


Ed is pretty tall and thin and has green eyes and long dark brown hair. He is mostly seen wearing worn gray jeans, a hat and a black T-shirt that has a few rips in it. He carries around a backpack with necessary items and a guitarcase in which he keeps an acoustic six-string. He keeps his pokeballs strapped to his belt along with other important items such as his Pokédex.

Terms of useEdit

He usually uses brute force to win battles but can employ strategies if a frontal assault doesn't work.

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