Darshan Amare
HGSS Question Mark Sprite
Gender Male
Age 32
Hometown Unknown
Occupation Computer Technician
Starter Growlithe
Favorite Magnamite
Party Magnamite, Magnamite, Growlithe
PC Box Unknown
Badges N/A



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Anyone can use this character in any type of work (canon or non-canon) that they wish. Credit to the creator (Tengou) is not necessary in your work though appreciated. Any work that makes major deviations from his character as outlined in this article will be considered non-canon. Major deviations includes but is not limited to adding Pokemon to Darshan's party not listed here; having him behave significantly out of character; writing in any romantic relationships that are not stated in this article; and/or writing him into any situations which result in his injury, physical or mental deformation,or death. Links to your written work that includes this character are not necessary though they are appreciated so that I can enjoy the story you have created!