Sprited by CharlesMan?
Gender Male
Age 18
Hometown  ????, Rugged Frontier?
Occupation Trainer?
Starter Charmander
Favorite Espeon
Party Espeon, Seviper, a PSP
PC Box N/A
Badges 0


An unmotivated boy from the Rugged Frontier, he retreated to Tatsu after an epic fail embarressed him to the point of becoming unable to walk around without people knowing who he is. He left everything but his two Pokebros Ones (Espeon) and Persev (Seviper), as well as his PSP behind as to keep moving forward.


Doesn't talk much unless spoken to, but once started is un unstoppable smartass. Otherwise friendly, but unmotivated. Would rather sit around playing video games then seek out real challenges, but does both anyways. Keeps a PSP with all sorts of old games in one of his Pokeballs for availability and safety, even if everyone thinks it strange. Forgetful.

Doesn't often bother catching Pokemon, would rather keep his pool small. Prefers to "win" them or be gifted.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

Likes most things, but despises most types of food, especially cheese. Likes to eat anyways. Does not react strongly to most things, and in fact will pretend to be happy even when things go wrong.

Behaviours and HabitsEdit

Chews nails and often concentrates on nothing when bored. Very unaware, slow to catch on to things. Ignores things that bore him. Is often happy, and puts on a smile even when he's not. Grumbles when alone.


More often then not seen wearing comfy blue jeans and T-shirt of whatever color is available at the moment. Too white for his own good. Hair is brown and ridiculously curly.

Terms of UseEdit


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