Deal With It

Characters who fail Character Evaluation are put in this section. Click on the Character Evaluation link to see why.

Sadly, these are the unsalvagable ones. These are characters who need to be scrapped or entirely rewritten from the bottom up. There are a number of reasons for this happening:

  • They don't seem to be adapted for Tatsu at all. They might actually be good characters, but they are just not at all what we are looking for.
  • They fit the 'Ash Ketchum' archetype, in that they go around to every region and win all the badges, then moving to the next one.
  • They are way too overpowered, with poor Pokémon teams and too many badges.
  • They are Mary Sues, Marty Stus or any variant thereof.

If your character doesn't make it, sorry! Don't get too down on yourself - just rewrite the character or make a new one.

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