Carson Harman
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Gender Male
Age 17
Hometown Lavaridge Town
Occupation Trainer
Starter Aron
Favorite Lairon
Party Wall (Lairon), Mystic (Sableye), Dance (Lombre), Dune (Vibrava), Slash (Zangoose)
PC Box 0
Badges 12

Carson is the youngest of 4 brothers and moved to Lavaridge Town from Blackthorn City. All his older brothers are Pokemon Trainers, and never made it any secret that they like outdoing each other, but it's obviously for friendly competition. This discouraged Carson from even wanting to be a Trainer for the early part of his life. Until he met Tate Cairon. The first time they borrowed their parents' Pokemon to battle, Carson experienced what is was like to win. As the years went on, and he triumphed numerous times over Luna, Bailey, and Tate, he began to think of them as family. He'd fight for them if they were getting bullied and always take the lead when they explored the Jagged Pass.

Around the time that Tate left, Carson realized that it wasn't winning that he liked, it was that secretly he enjoyed, for once, being the bigger brother and flexing his battling prowess over his siblings, in as non-jerkish as he could rationalize it. So he told his family, and no less than a week after Tate had been gone, he was sailing to Dewford to catch his first Pokemon.

Carson battled extremely hard for his badges. After losing no less than 5 straight times to Brawley with his Aron, Wall, Carlton, the next youngest brother, steered him toward catching his Sableye, Mystic. It only took a few battles to level it up before he earned his first Badge from Brawley shortly after Bailey and Luna had defeated Flannery. He found himself somewhat annoyed, and raced back to Lavaridge to beat Flannery, which he found easy with his Wall.

Carson was the only one of his friends to make it into the Hoenn League, which he didn't discover until Tate's older sister, Tara, told him while they battled in the first round. Carson lost, but didn't feel bad, in fact, he felt like he triumphed, which bothered him more and more. He decided to leave for Sinnoh only when he found out that Bailey, Luna, and Tate had as well.

Carson had four badges--Oreburgh's, Veilstone's, Pastoria's, and Eterna's--by the time the Sinnoh League rolled around, but again, he felt content because Luna, his friend with the next most badges, had only three. He tried not to let this bother him, but it creeps up on him again with worrying frequency.

He left for Tatsu, again when he found out that his friends had

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