Amelia Vincenzo
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Gender Female
Age 19
Hometown  ?????
Occupation Trainer
Starter Spearow
Favorite Doduo
Party Taillow, Pidgeotto, Fearow
PC Box Unknown
Badges 1


Amelia was the daughter of a famous inventor called Leonard. Having patented the HM Fly, Leonard made a fortune off trainers needing to get around and was hailed as a genius, but this was not enough for him. Leonard channeled all of his money into designing and developing a flying machine, so that humans could feel the same joy and adrenaline rush as his beloved Spearow. Unfortunately, while welding together a pair of steel wings, the family's small house on the outskirts of town caught flame, and Leonard was trapped in the inferno to die.

Amelia was out playing with Leonard's Spearow that day by pure chance, and ran home as soon as she saw the plume of smoke. Now homeless and fatherless, she had two choices; submit to a foster home where she would no longer have the freedom to frolic with the bird Pokemon common around her home that the family had held so dearly, or run away. At the tender age of 15, Amelia escaped to the nearby woods with Spearow to protect her from wild pokemon, even helping her begin to build her own team, but she soon realised that it couldn't last, and she needed a way to make a living. Supporting herself through trainer battles she became a fierce competitor.

Now 19 years old, her pokemon team has grown to a core group of dedicated, loyal Pokemon, and battling has taken a backseat to a new goal: fulfilling her father's dream of creating a flying machine.


Having been alone for 4 years with no support, she has developed a sense of cunning and a mean streak that's helped her competitive edge. She can come off almost like a bully at times but is incredibly loyal to her friends. Amelia still maintains a love and dependence on her bird Pokemon and would be devastated if anything should happen to them.

Attitudes towards things and peopleEdit

She is a born individual and has trouble conforming to other peoples standards. Beneath her tough exterior she is still a playful person and maintains an approach of almost child-like wonder in regards to bird pokemon and flying.


This character was going to be the original Flying gym leader before she was replaced by Rahona Sanso. It is unknown if she will ever be worked on again.

This character needs a little more work before he/she can pass the Character Evaluation test.