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Welcome to the /tr/ainers' League Project Wiki, a wiki dedicated to compiling the information about the /tr/ainers' League Project. There are currently 139 articles.

Welcome, /tr/ainers

The /tr/ainers' League Project is a Pokémon fan universe created for those who frequent 4chan's /vp/, which used to be called /tr/, hence the name of the project. We're creating a region called Tatsu and making it an interactive playground for interested artists, writers, roleplayers and more. People can make comics and fanfictions, or create and submit characters to use in RPs. Hell, there could even be a fangame set in the Tatsu region at one point. We can dream, can't we?

This wiki is where the magic happens, and where we keep all the information together. If you want to help out, there are a few things you can do. Before you start editing the wiki (adding new pages, etc), you should join the discussion and get acquainted with the people. The /tr/ainers' League Project has an IRC. The server is, and the channel is #tatsu.

NOTE: This project was created by Cool Trainer Bro, and was affiliated with the International Association of Pokémon Leagues, or IAPL. The Tatsu project head status was eventually transferred to Cephalgia. Meanwhile, the IAPL project was disbanded in 2012, and its sole remnant is Team Atlantic. The /tr/ainer's league project also seems to be over, with no activity remaining.

It's essentially up to Cephalgia to decide whether he wants to continue it or not, but he's got a busy life. However, this wiki will remain here for archival purposes and may receive occasional updates. The old forums still exist if you wish to go there.

Character Creation

For those looking for information on creating characters, good news. All the characters submitted to the project are also compiled on this wiki, and you make character profiles by creating new articles. It's quite fun and easy:

Important Articles

Important Categories

The project is improving all the time. If you have any suggestions for this project, don't forget to drop by the forums or IRC to discuss things!


August 26, 2012 – The IAPL project is over, and Tatsu seems to be over too. This wiki is now an archive, but you'll probably see Cephalgia playing around with it from time to time.

September 14, 2011 – The Tatsu wiki is getting a makeover to prepare itself for the IAPL merger.

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